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Empower Yourself

Bodydry is empowering natural abilities of outdoor sports enthusiats and athletes with innovative, thermoactive underwear. Now, go ahead it’s your time!

You are a man of flash and blood.

Leaving here and now. You challenge your weaknesses every day during sport activities or hard work. We made Bodydry thermoactive underwear for people like you.

It all has started for us in the high mountains. No other sport activity is as challenging for people and equipment. We have taken this challenge, putting innovation and technology first in our priorities. Today, our solutions are available for everyone. We have created Secondskin technology. Now the only thing that is needed is your unbreakable spirit.

Your second skin

Creating Secondskin, we are not going to compromise on our principles.. Our products provide excellent moisture vaporizing performance and thermoregulation so you can focus on what is most important for you – your challenge, pleasure or objective.

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